Revlon #LoveisOn Fall Beauty


#LoveIsOn Fall Beauty by Revlon!

Revlon-Love-Is-On-Tour-Chicago-Taste-of-Chicago-Ultra-HD-Lipstick-Sweet-Pea-Chicagonista-Live {Photo Credit: #ChicagonistaLive}
As summer winds down, it is time to focus on our fall makeup looks. Fall beauty, like fall fashion it is the most wonderful time of the year. I know you were thinking it was Christmas, but fall has the best color palette. Revlon’s #LoveisOn campaign shows passion in rich reds, muted mauves, burnt oranges, and natural neutrals are always on the menu. This fall is no different. Revlon has a new fall #LoveIsOn campaign. I got the chance to hang with part of the Chicagonista live team and film a cute beauty video you can view below. Not a bad little day job, huh? The Taste of Chicago was (the best for) last stop of the #LoveIsOn tour. There was a pop-up shop next to the food tents bring makeup tips to the table. It was a great place to get information about color recommendations. I tested and took home some fun new shades.

Foundation Station – Finding Your Fall Foundation

The toughest part of fall makeup application is getting your skin color matched with the correct foundation. Your skin may still look sun-kissed from all the outdoor activates or summer vacation.
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You want to find the proper balance that matches your undertone. Is it warm, cool, or neutral? Don’t test on your hand, as your hands and feet often have the most exposure to sun and could be darker than your face. It would be best to test the foundation color directly on your face.

The Eyes Have It – PhotoReady Eye Art


{Photo Credit: #ChicagonistaLive}
This was a riddle clue my sister used years ago, but the more I think about it she may have been on to something. Thanks Lisa! Eye makeup has become a staple in modern beauty. Lipstick used to be the star of the show, but eye makeup keeps them coming back for more. From the cat eyeliner to a smoldering smoky eye looks Revlon is going to have everything you need to achieve your best fall face. Women are blending their love for a beat face to be all about the eye makeup. With fall colors in rich tans and chocolates, you can get PhotoReady Eye Art in Topaz Twinkle to achieve a look that will be Instagram worthy. It is what I am wearing in these glam photos. I even gave you a gif for a hot close-up.

Make Kiss-y Faces – Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

During the pop-up shop I snagged an Ultra HD poppy pink called Sweet Pea. The best part is that this color has a strong pigment that looks more like a lip stain, but it is moisturizing like a balm. I tend to lean toward the rich orange and bold pink colors, but as the 90s are making a comeback. You may be able to go darker and more matte to meet the trend. This line will have something for every beauty maven. I can’t help but to want plush Marsala or bronzed nudes. I may even go searching for a pair of denim overalls I can wear with one suspender down and do the kid and play at a house party.

{Video Credit: #ChicagonistaLive}

Get your Revlon Fall Beauty Loot at Walgreen’s Sale

To kick-start your fall makeup wardrobe go to Walgreen’s and enjoy luxe makeup at a drugstore price. Go now and Let Revlon help you make a dramatic statement. Fall in love with all the best fall shades with this Walgreen’s hot pre-fall deal. Buy 1 get one 50% off on Revlon beauty and $3.99 for corresponding fall nail colors all until Saturday, August 22, 2015!


August 18, 2015

How to Rock Social Media by @DKNY

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Aliza Licht, Leave your Mark, Social Media, Dream Job

Aliza Licht needs no introduction to social media fashionistas. She’s affectionately known as @DKNY to us. Armed with live fashion commentary, life advice, and *S (sarcasm font). She has been a staple on Twitter since 2009. That was the wild west of Twitter. No one knew if the platform would have legs. No one would see it as the amazing real-time engagement tool that it has become. As Twitter recently inked a deal with Google to get you even more brand recognition in SERPs (indexing in real-time yo). There is no better time like the present to start building your personal brands. You need to learn how to Rock your online life to build a dream career.

Twitter back in the day (when it was just SMS)

I’ve been on Twitter since April of 2007, and when I started it was a scary nerdy place. But for those in the fast-paced fashion business, Aliza Licht was a trailblazer on Social Media. She’s also my mentor over email and the Internet. The day she started following me back on Twitter. I had more than e-Tears, I had real-world tears. It meant that I was doing something correct online that caught and kept her attention.

Licht, started her career at DKNY before social media was ever a thing, but used the tools to produce ROI for the brand. What she tweets she sells. Right down to what her Avatar is wearing. Yes, this is more than just a love story with a brand. It is all about the well placed, highly sought after kind of genius that is Aliza’s brand of social media savvy, and it has earned our beloved DKNY some major coinage. A lot of other fashion brands have tried and underwhelmed at this. Aliza has taken her show off-line and in the real life classroom. From panel discussions at Parsons to TED Talks, people understand the key to her success has been her spunk and online wit in 140 characters or less.

Lessons from my online Mentor

In Leave Your Mark, Aliza Licht tells people at any stage of their career just how important it is to have a solid personal brand. Her book is on sale starting Cinco de Mayo, (that’s May 5th if you hate guacamole).

Leave Your Mark-Aliza-Licht-DKNY-Social-Media

I was honored to interview my Fashion Public Relations sHero, but I didn’t bring my questions. I came armed with questions from friends via Social Media of course. Would you like to hear it?, here it goes.






 My Interview:

Aliza Licht, Fashion, PR, Leave Your Mark, Social Media, DKNY, Personal Brands, professional Life

Aliza Licht: When I say “personal brand” I mean to think about how others perceive you. It’s not about being famous. It’s about understanding how you want others to view you versus how they actually do. I go over this in detail in the book!

Aliza Licht Question -2, Employee, Intern, fashion, experience

Aliza Licht: Fashion experience is not necessarily essential; In fact I have hired many people straight from college. Passion for the industry and the brand is!


Aliza Licht: Disappointment is a given unfortunately, but you can’t let it rule. You give it one day– just one day to live and then you kill it and come up with your next plan.


Aliza Licht: Be a good person. Help others succeed and expect nothing in return. Work hard and don’t quit even when it feels like you’re getting nowhere.


Aliza Licht: My boss and mentor Patti Cohen and my incredible team. The people are everything.


Aliza Licht: Would they date someone who was a serial dater?


Aliza Licht: There are many factors that go into judging if a job is one you stay at or leave: Are you growing? Are you learning? Does it give you the work/life balance you desire? Every person has different needs.


Aliza Licht: Fulfillment

Basically, Aliza wants people to love what they do. Growth is key. Making a difference to others no matter whether it is in Fashion or Foreign Policy. Kill it at your Dream Job, and everything else will be just fine.

Love & Light, Terez

May 6, 2015

Sephora Collection featuring Breakups to Makeups

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The fun social media makeup brand is coming to a Sephora near you! These cute clutches will make you laugh at your ex and love your makeup.


The funny cosmetic related sayings are launching on and in stores in US and Canada. The Sephora collection will sell a Sephora exclusive saying, “Life is Short, Wear more Makeup”. These cute canvas clutches are sold online and in stores starting, NOW. I know I will going in to snag one of these adorable clutches soon.


Makeups on the Move

Breakups To Makeups started in 2013, the quirky slogan makeup brand was created by Angelique Velez, to empower women with fun cheeky sayings that she says drive artistic expression. Who doesn’t  love a snarky quip about breakups?  This fun brand has grown in popularity in 2014 into 2015 due to some awesome strategic partnerships and fantastic social media marketing. I first found them on Instagram where they have a little more than 12k followers (April 2015) and I am sure you may have seen them in the hands of a few cute beauty and fashion bloggers. Their fast rise, has put them in great company with Never Liked it Anyway. A website and marketplace where people can sell the stuff their ex has given them!

Angelique Velez

Velez is an accomplished hair and makeup artist who used makeup as an outlet and created this brand to help others do the same. Be empowered and  be great is the mantra for any young fashionable single lady looking to be honest about her love life or love and makeup.


The goal of Breakups to Makeups has always been to encourage the artistic expression and empowerment that many makeup enthusiasts feel makeup has brought into their lives. We are beyond thrilled to become a part of the beauty wonderland that they have created.” – Angelique Velez

I love seeing a woman moving her brand forward. I love that her brand will be at the booths of some cosmetic industry conferences like IMATs in NY April 10-12, 2015. I am definitely going to support her, as I see her doing such great work and bring the love of beauty and heartbreak to the Sephora Collection. I am sups excited to see what happens next. Will you buy? What item are you excited to add to your beauty addict arsenal?


Love & Light, Terez


Images c/o: & Melody Joy PR

April 10, 2015

[Podcast] Why I took my Business to Australia

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There were so many revelations this year on the wings of my trip to Australia and launching the Business of Beauty in the land of a million beauty searches. I took my business and my brand way outside of my comfort zone. I hope you gain some understanding that will help you make the leap for yourself this year.

I aspire to do things that inspire other women. I want you to see me and say, I am a woman over 30 and I can make a difference in my life and business. I can still have dreams, and make great decisions for both myself and my family. I can do things even as a single mother. I can dare to be better than my current situation. I believe that some people want to feel included, and when naysayers come along and tell you that it will be hard, or it will be impossible, I want you to do what I did and say thank you for your concern, but I have it under control. God would never leave you out there alone. He sent so many great opportunities all you have to do it walk into them.

Watch the Video

  • See images from Fashion Festival Runways
  • Travel photos of Australia
  • Salon Melbourne Beauty Images


A Single Black Woman over 30

“For me to make that leap, to jumped to do those types of things, there were a lot of barriers and I was breaking lot of barriers for me. I wanted to disspell a lot of myths that a woman over 30 with children and requires not just about in general couldn’t do those things by herself. I pushed forward and I really meant to be a very hard things because I wanted to say now it’s it is possible some dreams over 30 as possible so much for those currently closed to 30, it is possible to do this as a single black woman is possible to do those things, as a single document that is possible to do things even though you are divorced as possible for me to be able to do all of the amazing things…”

March 25, 2015

Find your StyleSeat: Interview with Melody McCloskey

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[Updated October 2, 2014]
Melody McCloskey wants you to find your StyleSeat. The co-founder of the tech beauty company StyleSeat wants to solve your beauty stress. StyleSeat is the Silicon Valley based startup that is on a mission to bring technology to your favorite beauty establishment. During our interview Melody takes you through the journey of StyleSeat from the beginning.


Have Several Seats

Booking an appointment with your favorite stylist is just a click or touch away. This revolutionary idea of getting an appointment within your reach and on your terms is not just solving consumer problems. As you heard in the interview, McCloskey says the platform helps grow your beauty business up to 70% in a year. You read that right, 70 percent. Who wouldn’t want 70 percent more revenue in a year? I think what makes the platform so useful is that it now helps you (beauty professional) take controls of your time and understand more about your money. The app will send appointment reminders on your behalf. The app will let your clients know that they are due for another service. What a novel idea! My phone reminded me that I need to get my nails done, or my eyebrows threaded, or it is time for a touchup of my color. According to Melody, lost revenue from missed appointments are the key culprests in building a solid sustainable beauty business.
Get more with StyleSeat

Why Hilary Clinton could have Used StyleSeat

Former First Lady Clinton doesn’t used StyleSeat, but I am sure she would love it. Remember Hair Gate of 2013? Well Hilary was told to cut her hair by Oscar de la Renta, but she said that she traveled so much that it was difficult to get a hairstylist with security clearance. So she just defaulted to longer hair while Secretary of State. Hilary is just one of us, a busy working, wife, mom, female dignitary, who has a difficult time juggling life’s big stuff and sometime beauty takes a backseat. I know you can relate. I am going to encourage you to download StyleSeat. Our time is valueable. Busy travel-ready women need to know that StyleSeat is in more than 15,000 cities and growing. Meaning you can set an appointment all over the United States. There is growth coming for 2015 to Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL. Looks like more in person events for both beauty professionals and consumers!! The city by city customization will be killer. Who doesn’t love to see something just unique to their needs, and Melody and her team see the need to cater to those client needs on a city by city basis.

I can’t wait to see what is next for this amazing start up! I cannot wait to show off what is going to be building in Chicago! Hit the Comments, have you used the StyleSeat app before? Did you like your services? Was the app easy to use? Beauty professionals: would you use StyleSeat to grow your business? What system are you currently using? What is the biggest challenge facing your business today? Could StyleSeat help you solve?


October 1, 2014

How Style can save your Life


I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this story of why I started my first major blog, Dbabetta. I started it back in 2009 when I returned to finish my undergrad degree part-time at DePaul University. I was working full time during the day at the University (tuition reimbursement YO!), and attending classed in the evening. I was so tired and worn down, but I had bigger goals for myself and my family. I wanted to show my daughter that her mom was a warrior princess and was more than able to do this to make her life better.

I was a wife and mom. I was a student and a professional university worker. I was a daughter and a friend. I don’t think I was giving 100% to any of these tasks. What I was giving up on was myself. I was had given up on my style. See I was a pageant girl, once upon a time in a land far far away. I was a girl in stiletto high heels and pencil skirts suits in poppy pastel colors.

I was the girl with the long flowing hair and always manicured nails. I had weekly appointments for my blow-outs. I was fabulous. In 2009 I didn’t feel fabulous. I felt like someone’s mom. Which is an amazing gift, but I wasn’t ME anymore. I was phoning in my style big time. I hated to get up and get dressed for these long days because I didn’t have anything fancy or fun to put on. I was just droning through life feeling out of shape and unhappy.

A Blogger in Need is a blogger indeed

I started my blog with 3 friends from my PR writing class. They were young and had fun. They were bright and clever. I needed some of their good vibes. We would start a style and fashion blog for everyone. Not just the size 2, but the size 14, like me. A women at every stage of her life. My blog saved my life. It gave me hope. It rejuvenated my sense of self and style. I was ready to take on the world. I want to share with you Hilary of Dean Street Society to share with you this amazing FREE video series on style. She is a groovy girl I met online and have loved ever since. I hope you find some value in it. I did! I know exactly it feels to think that your style doesn’t matter, but it does every day. Your business and life depend on it.

Have you ever felt like this? What did you do to shake your style rut? What do you love about your style now?

September 22, 2014

[Video] How to fuel your dreams

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How to Fuel Your Dreams

If you listen very closely you will get the secret. How what is already within you as a vision is yours. It is gonna take some dedication and hard work to get it, but it is yours for the taking. A foreshadowing of events to come. I love this pep talk. It takes passion and a willingness to be raw and real and give. To present emotion and human emotion in all of its forms. I loved being an actor. I loved being on stage. I think it is, no I know it is the reason I love teaching and leading workshops. I get to stand in from of others and play on a daily basis.

Are you doing what you love everyday?

Are you living the life that shows off those talents? I think that this is another great example of what is possible when we put our minds to it. That we need to learn to be good and believe in ourselves. Have dreams, but more importantly have hourly goals. What do you want to accomplish on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual basis. It is our business to make our passion possible. It is how we were meant to live. If we deny our passion then we will only be fueling our nightmares. I love how Denzel Washington states that it is not always about what we have, but how we use what we have. It is the ultimate sign of appreciation. Being happy with the purpose and value that our creator but in to each of us.

I want to know what are you doing right now to put your dreams and goals at the forefront of your life? What are some ways you make shit happen in your life? Leave a comment below.

September 19, 2014

The Parable of the Talents

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In the parable of the talents, Jesus takes the time to talk about three different servants. Each servant had a different strategy to accomplishing his or her task. You and I are different in how we may use our talents effectively to make our lives prosperous. In the story, each servant uses tactics based on their knowledge and skill set. There are so many times will we use the wrong approach to getting to the same end.

Use your Talents wisely

When God gives us talents, he wants us to use them wisely to accomplish his predetermined purpose and path for our lives. What we know about each servant from the story, is that their master believed each was a good candidate to be responsible for the task he laid on them. But what we soon find out, is that not every single person with talents is up to the task.

If given the opportunity to prove yourself, would you stand and deliver or would you cower and run for cover? Often we feel like we don’t have enough be it time, money, or skills. But the truth of the matter is, that every opportunity placed before us is one that God has already predetermined that outcome. She knows exactly how we are going to perform during the test. What we don’t know is how our God-given talents are supposed to help us maneuver in every situation we’ve been placed in. In the parable of the talents, Jesus tells the story of three servants. Each servant is put to the ultimate test. What they don’t know is the outcome. Therefore, they do the best they can with the little information they have available to them. Listen to this podcast and see how it applies to you or maybe someone you know. I recorded this podcast because the story resonated with me. I hope it does the same for you. As I taught this lesson, during my Sunday school class it hit close to home and rang true for me more than it ever would for my students. Download this talents worksheet that can help you get to the heart of it.
Thank you,

September 3, 2014

Facebook Ads vs. Organic

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In a friend’s page, she mentioned that she had better traffic and engagement BEFORE paying for Facebook ads. I know that sounds pretty silly. You paid to get more engagement, but ended up with less. The changes that are happening on facebook are to benefit ZUCK, not you or me. I will host a free webinar. Yup, FREE. I think you can afford that. But what you can’t afford is to pay money to Facebook just to get useless visibility with people who don’t matter. Huh? Yea, I will clear all that up in this little webinar.

I will divvy out some tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your Facebook pages and posts. When was the last time you click on a Facebook Ad post?
If you are like me you even avoid clicking on the Ads in Google. I want organic traffic so fresh, it should be certified organic and sold at Whole Foods.

If you are interested in learning more about how to get some organic traffic love to your facebook page or profile. Then put your details in the form and I will reach out once I hit a solid number of participants. It is free, but I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.
I’ve used these tips and tricks myself to make sure that I land in the timeline of the people that matter to my business and my brand. Not in the timeline wasteland of paid posts. That is where dreams go to die, and you money gets spent like water. I am here to help you save your coins and make your business page or personal page out perform those facebook ads with ease. I can even give you some help understand Facebook Insights as a way to direct your marketing efforts to the audience you already have.

Join me. Again there is no solid date yet, but I would like it to be in the month of August.


August 13, 2014

How do I spell Luck?

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I remember keenly where I was in life a year ago. I am blessed to be where I am today. I will be honest and say I am not yet where I want to be, but I don’t take any of the hard work for granted.

You are a miracle as well

Everything you have and everything you do is a collection of hard work, hustle, and grace. (You Should Tweet That)

If you want a copy of this to put on your desktop, share on Instagram or print it and post it around the house. Grab it here in Green or Black.

Here’s to Hard Work, Hustle and Grace! Leave a comment, tell me what you are hustling for right now.



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July 30, 2014